Offroad Day Trips for Ouray and Silverton

I get a lot of questions about which trails to take when exploring the San Juan Mountains around Ouray and Silverton. So, I’ve put together a few day’s trips worth of offroading. Later this week I will publish day trips you can take without a 4×4 vehicle. Hope you find this info useful!

Trip #1

Engineer PassYou can’t miss the Alpine Loop. From ...

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Books About Colorado

I seldom leave home for an offroading adventure without a backpack full of books on the region I’m visiting (and it’s usually the San Juan Mountains!).

I have had to buy multiple copies of my favorite book, since it loses pages and gets spilled on in the Jeep. But Charles A. Wells’ Guide to Colorado Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails, 2nd Edition is just about the best book out there if you want to go offroad in Colorado. It has great ...

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My Sidekick Rio

Rio is a blue merle Australian Shepherd (Aussie) who goes with me on all my Rocky Mountain adventures. He is about to turn 2 years old, and weighs 71 pounds and thinks he’s a lap dog. Rio loves to play Frisbee and thankfully, loves the water. How sad would it have been to name a dog Rio and then he turns out to be afraid of the water? You’ll see a lot of Rio on this web site. He’s quite ...

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