Offroad Day Trips for Ouray and Silverton

I get a lot of questions about which trails to take when exploring the San Juan Mountains around Ouray and Silverton. So, I’ve put together a few day’s trips worth of offroading. Later this week I will publish day trips you can take without a 4×4 vehicle. Hope you find this info useful!

Trip #1

Engineer PassYou can’t miss the Alpine Loop. From ...

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Books About Colorado

I seldom leave home for an offroading adventure without a backpack full of books on the region I’m visiting (and it’s usually the San Juan Mountains!).

I have had to buy multiple copies of my favorite book, since it loses pages and gets spilled on in the Jeep. But Charles A. Wells’ Guide to Colorado Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails, 2nd Edition is just about the best book out there if you want to go offroad in Colorado. It has great ...

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Offroading 101

I get questions all the time about what to bring when offroading in Colorado, what the rules of etiquette are, and how often there are bathrooms along the way (the answer is not often)! A lot of you out-of-staters ask what you need to know about driving offroad in Colorado and I answer some of your questions here…

What to Bring

This will differ depending on your experience level, but I usually take:

  1. A 4WD with good tire tread!
  2. Maps. I don’t care how ...
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