Location: San Juan Mountains
Difficulty: Easy
Directions: Go West on Highway 62 from Ridgway about 12 miles. Road sign is easy to see….turn left.
Time: about 2 hours, more if you stop for photos, and you should!

Trail Description

Last Dollar Road is an easy dirt road that is passenger car friendly, although after heavy rains, there are a few very muddy areas and it helps to have 4WD to get through them. But in dry conditions, this is suitable for a passenger car. For those of you looking to go offroading, don’t let this deter you from taking this road! The views are spectacular!

Much of the road roams through ranchland and old growth apsen groves. During the fall, this road is very popular for photographers because it is so scenic. This trail used to be used by Basque sheep herders and you may see carvings in the aspen trees from the 1800s, so be sure to take your time and look around. When you get above timberline and reach the summit, you will see Mount Wilson off in the distance as you head down and into Telluride. The road comes out near the Telluride Airport. After you pass the airport and get closer to Highway 45 (which will take you to Telluride if you turn left), be sure to take in the views of the old barns with Mount Wilson in the background. Get your camera ready!

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