Offroad Day Trips for Ouray and Silverton

I get a lot of questions about which trails to take when exploring the San Juan Mountains around Ouray and Silverton. So, I’ve put together a few day’s trips worth of offroading. Later this week I will publish day trips you can take without a 4×4 vehicle. Hope you find this info useful!

Trip #1

Engineer PassYou can’t miss the Alpine Loop. From ...

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Books About Colorado

I seldom leave home for an offroading adventure without a backpack full of books on the region I’m visiting (and it’s usually the San Juan Mountains!).

I have had to buy multiple copies of my favorite book, since it loses pages and gets spilled on in the Jeep. But Charles A. Wells’ Guide to Colorado Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails, 2nd Edition is just about the best book out there if you want to go offroad in Colorado. It has great ...

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JeepsterGal Videos

On You Tube I’m known as JeepsterGal and I’ve met many of you down in the San Juans. You can’t miss me…I’m the one in the white Jeep Cherokee with a camera mounted on my roof and the word “JeepsterGal” across my back bumper! Most of my videos are from the San Juans, but I do have other videos as well. I videotape the route using a Sticky Pod camera mount and take plenty of photos along the ...

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True Grit: Then and Now

My You Tube Video, “True Grit :: Then and Now,” has become  popular and I’m frequently asked how and where I found all those movie locations 40 years later. Well, now you can find out! Retrace my steps and see where the Duke filmed his famous scenes!

Much of  the 1969 western “True Grit” was filmed in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado and the movie lead to John Wayne’s only Academy Award. The amazing natural scenery of Colorado’s ...

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